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- Re-evaluate transportation planning. A new city council needs to examine land use to ensure infrastructure matches current & future needs of residents and businesses. Our current city debt rate needs to be addressed to meet our most urgent obligations so we can meet these needs. Future models must include more public transportation options to address our city's long traffic times and road congestion.

Advocate for local parks with a focus on healthier communities. We need more fitness options, hike/bike trails and green space in the City of Pearland. This planning will ensure Pearland remains an attractive community to invest in for years to come. Maintaining such spaces means striking a balance between residents' needs and long-term water management. A higher quality of life in Pearland means more green space with conservation in mind.
- Make Pearland a Zero Waste City. My zero waste resolution will bring jobs to Pearland and help divert hundreds of tons of waste away from landfills in the long term. Building the programs and participation we need today requires council leadership who will champion the cause of conservation. Hundreds of other cities all over the nation and world are already reaping the environmental benefits and cost-savings from zero waste. It’s time for Pearland to join them.
- Be a voice for all in City Hall. Pearland is a unique community and home to many different kinds of families. Our current city council doesn't include anyone from the incoming millennial generation, no representative of our thousands of healthcare professionals, or even one woman. As a pharmacist, business owner and home owner, I aim to bring all of this experience and diversity to Pos. 4. A more inclusive city hall will make for better input from and for all of our citizens.
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