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  • Yearly we are in need of infrastructure repairs that we are unable to complete due to our limited resources. Seeking Federal Funding for infrastructure updates, repairs, and construction is key to helping fund needed projects without relying on city tax payers. The City of Pearland has been able to obtain 80% Federal Funding for roads construction. It is my goal to seek further Federal Funding in order to make sure aging streets, sidewalks, and drainage infrastructure is updated to last us years down the line.

  • During Hurricane Harvey, Pearland is estimated to have lost between 1,000 to 1,300 homes. These are community members that were required to strip their homes and rebuild. It is my goal to seek Federal Funding and work with Houston and Houston suburbs to ensure that we have a lasting infrastructure to prevent any future flooding. We must work tirelessly to ensure that we prevent another Hurricane Harvey from damaging our community. Detention ponds, expansion of creek width, and working with Houston will ensure that we no longer risk flooding and displacement of our families in Pearland.

  • Hurricane Harvey was a devastation to all of Texas.  Pearland was affected in many areas and will require advocacy to make sure that Federal and State funding is allocated to help advance our outdated infrastructure.  Source

  • As a small business owner and health care professional, I worked with all members of the community and elected officials during Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath to make sure that important medications and medical supplies were provided to our community.  I also volunteered to help families around Pearland and provided needed supplies.

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