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Want Change? Start Here!

If you’re like most of us, you still remember that fateful day in November of 2016. Regardless of what side of the aisle we stood on, we’ve all pushed back that cloud of apathy that tells us “our votes don’t matter”. Most of us think this when we are voting for the executive branch - even more so in a local municipal election. But what if voting for the President wasn’t the most patriotic or democratic thing to do? The president is not constitutionally responsible for our communities. That responsibility, instead, sits on the shoulders of the army of local officials across our country who’s every decision influences our daily lives. Here in Pearland, we’re deciding who will take a seat on our City Council. A seat that will vote on the city budget. An elected official who will decide how your tax dollars get spent. A vote that influences what projects get planned and completed. A vote on steps that guide economic development, transportation opportunities, housing projects, environmental practices and hundreds of other big and small decisions. The men (and hopefully soon now a woman) on the City Council affect people's daily lives and the community's long-range future more than you might expect. So if you want change, this is the starting line. Don’t sit on the sidelines and complain about how our leaders don’t represent American values... get out and vote! If we want change in our nation, in our state, and in our community, it begins here in Pearland with a vote for Dalia Kasseb. Vote Dalia Kasseb for Pearland City Council Position 4. Polls are open June 9, 11, 12 from 7am -7pm. Election Day is June 16 from 7am-7pm.

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