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Traffic and Transportation

As a family of healthcare professionals, my family moved to Pearland because years ago Pearland was a 15 minute drive to the medical center. Today, we know that 15 minutes during rush hour is a far away dream. My goal is to find other forms of transportation in order to provide options for families to not spend 2 – 3 hours a day in traffic. Immediate options like Park and Rides near 288 will help get vehicles off the road and people to work quicker. Long term goal is to work with the Houston-Galveston Area Council and Houston suburbs to work towards light rail which can service our area.

The highway 288 toll road expansion is a great addition to our community which only serves the select few who can afford to pay for tolls to go to work. My goal is to find solutions for all members of the community including advocating for a HOV lane to be added to the 288 toll road expansion to serve those who which to carpool.

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